Sir George Woods (born c.1927) was a British soldier during World War II.

On 7 June 1941, thirteen-year-old George met Clyde Langer, who had been sent to the time by the Shopkeeper to obtain a piece of Chronosteel. They were captured by a group of Nazis who had the Chronosteel. They escaped but were recaptured, thanks to George's treacherous school teacher, Miss Wyckham. Clyde distracted the Nazis with his mobile phone which he claimed was an explosive device, giving George time to retrieve the Chronosteel. They escaped and alerted the Home Guard, who took the Nazis prisoner. His mission complete, Clyde used the Chronosteel to teleport back to 2010 after bidding farewell to George. George was shown pictured with the Home Guard, along with the Nazis and Miss Wyckham in handcuffs.

Inspired by a speech that Clyde had made about how the Nazis would be defeated, George joined the British Army. At the age of sixteen, he fought in the Battle of Ardennes, and specialised in radar development during the 1950s and 60s. In November 2010, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. By this time, the eighty-three year old George was living with his daughter Janice Kingston and her husband in Cromer and had several grandchildren. (TV: Lost in Time)

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