George Wilson was a conspiracy theorist in the 21st century.

Biography Edit

Wilson was a journalist for twenty-five years and saw a number of atrocities during his career. He and his wife, Lorraine, adopted a daughter, Kate, but divorced some time later because of his alcoholism. Through meditation, Wilson came to believe in reincarnation and that humans were all part of a united human consciousness. He accepted an offer to present the news, but eventually he snapped and went on a tirade about politicians and oil companies during a story about the Iraq War before storming off and resigning.

After some time, Wilson sobered up and wrote a book about his time as a journalist. It was unsuccessful and Kate "jokingly" suggested that he write a book about aliens instead, as they would sell. He agreed and began to write a book with suggestions from Kate, including the Committee. He wrote a number of successful books, including The Great Conspiracy, and made several films.

He did tours delivering speeches and once did a tour of US campuses. In 2008, he went to Cardiff to give a speech, which was attended by Jack Harkness and focused largely on the Committee. Wilson met Jack the next day to give him an interview for Plexus Magazine. After Sam Hallett's murder, Jack broke into his hotel room and demanded that he tell him the truth. Wilson told him that the Committee was entirely fictional, although Jack had difficulty believing it given that he knew that the Committee were real.

The next morning, Wilson told Kate about his conversation with Jack. She bound and gagged him and shot him after talking to Jack, with the aim of framing Torchwood for the murder. (AUDIO: The Conspiracy) The room was afterwards unavailable for booking. (AUDIO: Cardiff Unknown - October 2018)

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