Sir George Wallace was the husband of Elizabeth Wallace and the owner of Banquo Manor for some time in the 19th century.

George was being blackmailed by Richard Harries over an affair with his maid, Beryl Green. George allowed Harries to conduct experiments in his house.

John Hopkinson came as Harries' solicitor. He sent all the staff, apart from Cuthbert Simpson and Beryl, away. He told John the story of Banquo Manor and its founder, Robert Dodds.

After Harries' experiment went wrong and killed him, George sedated Catherine Harries as she had been hurt and was distressed. He then phoned the police, Sergeant Baker and Inspector Ian Stratford came and George told them of recent events.

George was saddened after the death of Beryl. He was attacked and killed by Harries' corpse in his bedroom as was his wife. They were both found dead. George had been strangled to the point when he skin had been punctured. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)