George Roussos (sometimes credited as George Bell) was the colourist for the vast majority of Doctor Who (1984) covers. As part of the team who produced the cover to Marvel Premiere #57, he was responsible for the first wholly non-British image in Doctor Who comic history.

Though a relatively minor figure in Doctor Who comics, he was one of the most important pre-digital colourists and inkers in the American comic book industry. His work stretches back almost to the very dawn of the super-hero comic book. He is known to have inked, for instance, at least as far back as Batman #2. His cover to The Incredible Hulk #1 and The Avengers #4 remain amongst the most-often reprinted examples of his colouring abilities.

He was also a penciller of some repute, having handled important assignments, like the story "How Clark Kent Met Lois Lane", a very much pre-Smallville account of the first encounter between Lois Lane and a young Clark Kent.

By the time he worked on Doctor Who (1984), he was nearing the end of a career that had fundamentally shaped not only the Golden Age DC universe, but the Silver Age Marvel one.

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