George Morris was a human from 20th century Earth who worked as an assistant bank manager. (PROSE: Meglos)

Biography[edit | edit source]

While George was on his way home one evening after work, he was captured by the Gaztaks — who he thought at first were students carrying out one of their Rag Week pranks (TV: Meglos, PROSE: Meglos) — after they had met up with Meglos.

Meglos needed a body to inhabit and used the machine to take over George's. The process proved to be too unstable. George fought back and, with the Fourth Doctor's help, he was freed. After Meglos and Zolfa-Thura were destroyed, the Doctor and Romana II returned George to Earth at a point in time just before he left, so no-one would notice he had been gone. (TV: Meglos)

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