Sir George Hutchinson was the magistrate of the small English village of Little Hodcombe. In 1984, he was taken over and manipulated by the Malus, who used his mind as the focus of its power.

Hutchinson was one of the first villagers of Little Hodcombe to discover the Malus. He attempted to make deals with the Malus to gain power, but it took over his will and used him as a pawn for its ends.

Holding re-enactments of the Battle of Little Hodcombe in the English Civil War in 1984, Hutchinson began to take them very seriously indeed — even going so far as to seal the village off so that no-one could enter or leave. Although Jane Hampden tried to point out to him that detaining people against their will was illegal, Hutchinson merely told her that, being the local magistrate, he would find himself quite innocent. The Malus used him to fuel itself with psychic energy. Hutchinson assumed the persona of a Cavalier general and ordered the re-enactment participants like real soldiers.

When the Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Turlough arrived, he had his second-in-command, Joseph Willow, capture him. The time travellers had come to Little Hodcombe because Tegan's grandfather, Andrew Verney, lived in Little Hodcombe and she wanted to visit him. When they persisted in interfering, Hutchinson tried to have Tegan burned alive as in old Queen of the May tradition.

Will Chandler, whom the Malus had physically transported from the time of the English Civil War, killed Hutchinson by throwing him at a physical manifestation of the Malus in a pit. (TV: The Awakening)

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