Geoff Hurst was a centre-forward for the England football team during the 1966 World Cup Final. He scored a hat trick against West Germany, causing England to win 4-2. The Ninth Doctor recalled being there, and that one of the goals was because of the linesman. As part of his plan to gradually change history so that humanity would never venture out into space, Igrix changed the result to 5-2 by having the Lend-a-Hand girls give the England team a nutritious meal before the World Cup final to build them up for a greater victory. After the Doctor defeated Igrix' plans, he mentioned that he "oughta fix" the extra goal that was scored by Hurst. (COMIC: The Love Invasion)

During the final, Hurst scored the first goal for England in the eighteenth minute, tieing the game at 1-1. In the seventy-eighth minute of the game, he deflected a corner-kick by Alan Ball to Martin Peters, who scored a goal to break the 1-1 deadlock. Of the three goals scored by Hurst, the second goal scored during extra time was highly controversial. In the eleventh minute of extra game, Alan Ball brought the ball down the right wing of the pitch and passed it to Hurst. He then made a shot that hit the crossbar and rebounded down onto the goal line. His teammates immediately believed he had put their team ahead, but whether it truly crossed the line was highly debated by officials and fans alike. The referee consulted Azerbaijani linesman Tofik Bakhramov, who had the nearest view. In reality, Bakhramov was Rory Williams who took his place after the real Bakhramov was accidentally knocked unsconscious by the Eleventh Doctor. After witnessing it firsthand, Rory was unsure that the ball truly crossed the goal line. However, conscious of both the responsibility to preserve history and a similar incident in the 2010 World Cup where a close shot by England's Frank Lampard was ruled not a goal, Rory told the referee that he saw the ball cross the goal line. On Rory's word, Hurst's second goal gave England a 3-2 lead and revitalised the team's spirits. In the second period of extra time, Hurst recieved a pass from team captain Bobby Moore. He took the ball past the opposing German players and made a powerful long-range shot to score a third and final goal, putting his team up 4-2. The goal made Hurst the only player to ever have a hat trick in the World Cup final, as of 2010. (PROSE: Extra Time)

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