Genetec Systems was a scientific research organisation.

History Edit

Genetec Systems was a scientific research company, formed in the early 21st century. One of their projects involved the creation of Nanoforms, tiny machines that alter matter at the molecular level. However, the Nanoforms they produced were only capable of extremely minor modifications. The Genetec scientists forged their results, claiming that the Nanoforms were capable of more advanced tricks. When Sarah Jane Smith tried to investigated thieir research, she was thrown out of the building. The company seemed to hold a very poor view concerning unwanted visitors: When Gita and Haresh Chandra were caught filling the offices with flowers, as part of Gita's 'guerrilla marketing' campaign, they were arrested and locked up by security.

When Androvax later took over Sarah Jane's body, she used the knowledge contained in Mr Smith to correct the problems, allowing the Nanoforms to work. She programmed them to reproduce, create a spacecraft to escape Earth with, and to then dissolve the planet. Androvax was stopped, but not before the Nanoforms had caused a lot of damage to the Genetec building, forming large cracks in the outer masonry. (TV: Prisoner of the Judoon)

Known staff Edit

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