Genesis of Evil was the first The Daleks comic story, published in TV Century 21 in 1965. The story presents the earliest account of the creation of the Daleks.


A neutronic war rages on Skaro, fought between the peaceful Thals and the hideous Daleks. During the war, the Daleks discover cobalt in the mountains, which they name the Radiation Range. The cobalt is used to construct neutron bombs which Dalek War Leader Zolfian intends to use to wipe out the Thals. Drenz, the pacifist ruler of the Daleks, demands the war be halted for fear it will annihilate the entire planet. Zolfian murders him, leading to an increase in the war effort. Zolfian orders the scientist Yarvelling to being production of a machine that will seek out and destroy any Thals who survive the bomb. Heavy production goes ahead for two weeks before a meteor storm hits Skaro and detonates the bombs in storage. The blast levels the entire continent of Dalazar.

Zolfian and Yarvelling emerge from the ruins of the war council chamber when they believe the radiation level has fallen enough. They search the ruins of Skaro for any survivors, Dalek or Thal, but find no one and they build a shelter before they become to weak from radiation sickness. Then the shelter explodes and they are confronted by the figure of the machine built by Yarvelling. It informs them that it is not a machine but a mutation created by the explosion. It orders the two humanoid Daleks to help more of the casings be constructed so the Daleks may rule the universe. Zolfian sees this as the chance for the Thals to one day be wiped out and he and Yarvelling work tirelessly to rebuilt the war factory. The being that found them declares that it will become the first Emperor of its race and orders materials to be collected so a special casing may be constructed for it. At its completion, Zolfian and Yarvelling die. The Emperor orders an invasion force be constructed. The new Daleks have been born.