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The Genesis Ark was the Dalek name for a Time Lord prison ship from the Last Great Time War. Slightly larger and similar in shape to a Dalek casing, the Ark was dimensionally transcendental and contained millions of Daleks.

The Cult of Skaro took the Genesis Ark and escaped the war in a Void Ship, intending to use it to re-establish the Dalek Empire after they returned to the universe in 2007. However, though the Daleks could bring the Ark to its final stage of awakening, it could only be opened by the touch of a time traveller.

The Daleks would have blown up the Sun to force the Ark open, but first they attempted to coerce Rose Tyler to open it. During a firefight with the Cybermen, Mickey Smith accidentally laid his hand on the Ark, priming it. As the Ark required 13 square miles for activation, the Daleks escorted it out of Torchwood Tower and into the sky. High above London, the Ark opened and the Daleks within began pouring out.

When the Tenth Doctor reopened the breach to the Void, the Genesis Ark was sucked back through along with the Daleks and Cybermen, as they were all saturated with "Void stuff". (TV: Doomsday)

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