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Genesis! was a Sixth Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine. The previous story, Revelation!, led directly into this story and was itself connected to Exodus, making this the conclusion to that story.


In the castle on Sylvaniar, the Doctor and Captain Krogh discover a Cyberman with a human arm and leg attacking Director Rukh. Krogh's attack is easily deflected, but when two guards enter with the recently attacked Dr Sovak, the Cyberman flees through a curtain. The curtain is against a solid wall, but the Doctor finds a secret passage. Dr Kravaal follows the Doctor and Krogh through the passage. The three find Dr Sovak manufacturing Cybermen in a secret laboratory. Sovak, who had faked his earlier attack, explains that some peasants took him to a crashed space vessel, where he discovered four damaged Cybermen. He has been rebuilding them with body parts taken from the kidnapped peasants.

Sovak orders his Cybermen to attack so he can control the castle, but he and they are electrocuted. Kravaal explains Sovak always had a problem with "heavy duty electrics". The electrics have caused a fire in the castle and the Doctor frees Peri and Frobisher so they can escape in the TARDIS. Unfortunately, Frobisher reveals he is suffering from mono-morphia and is stuck as a penguin.



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  • Finishing a trilogy of biblical-themed titles, this story is named after the book of Genesis in the Bible, the first book.
  • A model figure of a Cyberman with a human arm and leg — based on that seen in this story — was later produced by Fine Art Castings.



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