Gelem Warriors were artificial soldiers, made from living creatures.

Biology Edit

Gelem warriors could be made from a variety of species and their end appearance reflected their origin. In general, Gelem warriors had smooth, chalk-white skin and black holes instead of eyes.

Gelems were significantly more powerful than the base species. They could survive extreme heat or cold, required no food, air or sleep and could survive wounds that could kill a living creature. They were extremely loyal, and had none of the intelligence needed for rebellion. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

Creation Edit

Gelem warriors were created by using at least five members of a species to create one Gelem warrior. The individuals would be placed in an extraction chamber, where their negative emotions would be extracted. Then, these negative emotions would be placed back into one individual.

In very rare cases, individuals would have no negative emotions, either because of a genetic fluke or a strong will. In these circumstance, the whole process would be shut down. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

History Edit

During the early skirmishes of the War of Five Hundred Worlds, many of the combatants used Gelem Warriors as cannon fodder. They would go to a primitive planet, kidnap the inhabitants and create their forces. They were banned in the Pact of Chib in the 11th century. They were also banned in Article 29.8 of the Shadow Proclamation.

In 1947, Darac-7 came to India, planning to use the native humans as a source for his Gelem warriors. He planned to send them to Jal Paloor, which was building up a force to conquer the Galaxy. After several skirmishes with the Tenth Doctor, he started to kidnap people en masse, planning to build up a force of at least 1,000 Gelem warriors. His plan was stopped when he tried to extract the negative emotions from Mohandas Gandhi, which caused his machine to shut down. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

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