Gela was one of the "muscle" in the team gathered by Mr Hitch to recover the sentient superweapon the Hadax Ura on the planet Unnamed BX-4. Their landing vessel was shot down by the Hadax Ura, revealing the weapon's location, but everyone on board was able to escape with jetpacks. The Twelfth Doctor's companion Clara Oswald was attacked by pterosaurs and dropped into the Jungle.

Gela after Hadax's conversion (Spirits of the Jungle)

Gela after Hadax Ura's conversion

When the Doctor went off on his own to look for Clara, Mr Wiremu unwittingly gave their position away to the Hadax Ura, who captured the team with his cybernetically augmented wildlife to become a part of its army against both sides of the war it was built to end. Gela and Wiremu were both augmented by the Hadax Ura as well, but were destroyed after the organic avatar of the Jungle used the entire Jungle's wildlife to attack them. (COMIC: Spirits of the Jungle)

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