Geb (Ozymandias)

Geb was the father of Sutekh, Nephthys and Osiris. Geb presided over a tribunal held in a pyramid on Mars to decide whether Sutekh or Horus should rule the Osirian Court. It ended when they agreed to decide with ritual combat. (AUDIO: Ozymandias)

After the tribunal, Geb received a call from Cousin Justine telling him to search the area around the pyramid. There he found Sutekh, nearly dead. He buried his son beneath the pyramid until a more suitable place could be found. During the ceremony for Sutekh's burial, Geb found out from Corwyn Marne that Sutekh had been seen alive and heading for Earth. He followed Sutekh — earlier from Sutekh's perspective than the burial — and became confused by the non-linearity of the battle. Sutekh was angered at the very idea that he could lose the battle, and attacked his father. Sutekh took Geb to Geb's temple in Ancient Egypt, and left him there, wounded. (AUDIO: The Judgment of Sutekh)

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