Gavin Rymill is a writer, 3D modeller and digital illustrator for various Doctor Who works, most notably for The TARDIS Type 40 Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine and The Doctor Who Figurine Collection. Beginning with a Doctor Who fan-site in 2003, his online presence has been "The Mind Robber" (with the avatar of a White Robot from the story of the same name), which is now reflected across Twitter and Facebook.

Digital illustrations published in print Edit

Early magazine work included cutaway illustrations for Doctor Who DVD Files and monsters for Doctor Who Adventures. His first significant book contribution was a dozen renders in Doctor Who: Starships and Spacestations, plus imagery for The Dalek Handbook. He has also supplied cover art for unofficial publications such as Vworp Vworp! and The Celestial Toyroom.

Rymill supplied background elements for Lee Binding's new series movie-style posters in 2012 and 2013 including a 1963 Dalek for Asylum of the Daleks, the TARDIS interior for the Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, St. Paul's Cathedral for The Snowmen, and the Shard for The Bells of Saint John.

In 2018 he supplied a range of full colour renders, line-drawings and technical cutaways for TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manual.

Doctor Who Magazine Edit

Cover illustrator Edit

  • DWM 447 - Every Dalek Ever
  • DWM 467 - TARDIS on Gallifrey
  • DWM 471 - 50 Years of the Daleks
  • DWM 487 - Masters of Earth (plus interior space invasion illustration)
  • DWM 491 - Dalek Supreme on Skaro
  • DWM 504 - Evolution of the Cybermen (four variant covers plus illustrations)

Feature writer Edit

3D work for DVD and Blu Ray Edit

Rymill's first official Doctor Who work was on Series 2 vanilla releases and he subsequently worked with Stuart Crouch on all the new series box sets. He then worked for Lee Binding on the classic DVD range with assets supplied as follows:

For the 2017 DVD release of Shada, Rymill supplied the 3D assets of the Kraag monster to animator Rob Ritchie for inclusion within the production itself.

His most recent work has been to supply all the TARDIS control room 3D assets for the blu ray releases, along with cover and disc elements such as an Earthshock Cyberman, a Plasmaton, and the Supreme Dalek.

He worked on the Doctor Who DVD Files, providing renders or cutaway sections of monsters and machines.

Doctor Who: Figurine Collection Edit

Rymill has been supplying the Doctor Who: Figurine Collection with sculpts and written features since 2013. Typically the written features appear in the issues for which he has sculpted the models, although not always case. Examples where he wrote but didn't sculpt include DWFC 116 Patients, DWFC 156 Cyber Shade and DWFC 159 Cyber Scout.

Most of the features about the construction of the Dalek props are research with (and occasionally co-written by) Jon Green.

Rymill has modelled the following figurines:

Others Edit

Dalek 63•88 Edit

Since 2005, Gavin Rymill has worked with prop researcher Jon Green in analysing and cataloguing the Dalek props in their appearances both on and off screen. This research formed the backbone of many costume features for the Doctor Who: Figurine Collection and the DWM 471 feature The Life and Times of a Dalek!

In July 2019, he co-created a YouTube series called Terry Nation Army which made two decades of written research more accessible to people through photos, clips and narration.

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