The Gate of Creation was the entrance to a wormhole leading to another universe.

The empires of the Amstron and J'arrodic created a wormhole, the access point of which was known as the Gate of Creation. They sent a two-man craft Infinite with one Amstron and one J'arrodic to find out what was inside, but they did not return. Their last transmission caused different interpretations that eventually led to a long-term conflict that came to be known as the Eternal Dogfight. One of the rules of the conflict was that anyone could require the right to become the Infinite Astronaut, to go through the Gate of Creation and clear the misunderstanding. For this purpose, even after the home planets of the Amstrons and J'arrodic were destroyed, the wormhole was transported in a neutral craft, always ready to be used.

In 2015, the Eternal Dogfight came to Earth. In an effort to save the TARDIS crew from an immediate execution, Alice Obiefune unwittingly volunteered to become an Infinite Astronaut on behalf of Earth. Only later did she learn that her failure to return through the Gate would cause the destruction of Earth. After she and John Jones successfully returned through the Gate and told what they had seen, the Eternal Dogfight was finally resolved. (COMIC: The Infinite Astronaut)

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