Gary Downie was an assistant floor manager and production manager on the original Doctor Who series. He was also the partner of series producer John Nathan-Turner. He was production manager for the thirtieth anniversary Dimensions in Time sketch for Children in Need in 1993. In "The Few Doctors," a 1997 fan video spoof of Doctor Who, Mr Downie appeared as a Time Lord. In addition to his work with Doctor Who, he worked as production manager on Star Cops and as assistant floor manager on All Creatures Great and Small.

Together with Nathan-Turner, Ian Fraser, and Fiona Hughes, he formed Teynham Productions, a theatrical group specialising in pantomime. Late in life, he became a psychotherapist and also worked on behalf of several charities in Brighton. Downie died on 19 January 2006, after a long battle with cancer, having survived Nathan-Turner who died in 2002. An obituary of Mr Downie, from which some information for this article was taken, was recently written by Fiona Hughes and appeared in the BBC's internal magazine, Ariel. Gary was also the writer of The Doctor Who Cookbook.

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