Gary was the best friend of Eugene Jones. They worked together at Passmore Telesales.

Gary and Eugene had a passion for outer space and science. However, Gary did not believe Eugene about his Dogon sixth eye being alien. They were friends with Josh, an employee at a DVD rental store. To cheer up his friend, Gary began bidding on the eye when Eugene put it up for auction. Josh accidentally won the bid. He and Gary decided to meet Eugene to make the transfer at a café called Happy Cook.

They told Eugene that they had won the bid but were unable to pay. Gary and Josh tried to take the eye from Eugene, but he swallowed it. While running from them, he was knocked down by a car. Gwen Cooper questioned Gary about Eugene's death. He denied the events.

Gary and Josh returned to Happy Cook. They asked the employees not to answer questions about Eugene. However, they noticed Gwen was watching them. Josh attempted to run away, but Gary stopped him, telling him he missed Eugene. They then told Gwen the truth. Gary attended Eugene's funeral and witnessed as he passed over. (TV: Random Shoes)

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