Garry Fletcher was the founder of Joyriders company.

He used to deliver meat, stealing from his company.

One night in April 2016, a strange boy approached him in the street and asked to help him. The boy's body was controlled by an alien who needed power for his equipment at an abandoned industrial estate off Swallow Avenue.

Instead of helping him, Fletcher beat the alien body to death, knowingly causing the death of the boy. Together with his friend Mike he killed the remaining four aliens, took the body-swapping equipment for his own and organised Joyriders company with it, providing clients with bodies to do whatever they liked in them.

While Fletcher left the aliens' remains in the back room, he took Garth Todd's body far away to the countryside in the boot of his car and buried him there.

When a couple of weeks later Mike started insisting that they could do something good using the alien equipment, like fighting terrorism, Fletcher arranged for one excitable "joyrider" to throw Mike under a tube train at Edgware Road.

He then hired Steve Hopley to help him with the company. He personally threatened Steve and each client with murder if they told anyone about the company.

He was paranoid about secrecy and did not keep electronic records. However, his paranoia was inconsistent as he kept all the clients names clearly written in a notebook that could have been stolen.

When Ram Singh woke up in the body of one of the clients, John O'Donnell, Fletcher was cunning enough to recognise the difference and lock Ram up, but was not aware that Steve constantly use the body-swapping machine to fulfil his alcoholism or that it was his tampering with the machine that caused the unexpected awakening. Seeing the body of O'Donnell later from his car, Fletcher ran him over, not knowing that at that very moment Steve swapped Ram and O'Donnell back.

Knowing from O'Donnell that Charlie and Miss Quill were aliens, Fletcher got it into his head that they must know how the body-swapping machine operated. Since he never asked the alien owner of the machine before killing it, he sent Steve and two of his clients, James Banks and Barry Taylor, to convoy Charlie and Miss Quill to the company offices.

Meanwhile, Ram, back in his own body, sneaked into the transfer room and took control of Fletcher's body.

The Coal Hill defenders made him confess to the hit and run of O'Donnell and then released him to his own body. They also put all the alien remains into the car to be found by the police. In addition, forensic evidence from the car was tied to the disappearance of Garth Todd. Fletcher showed the police where he buried the body. He was tried and convicted. (PROSE: Joyride)

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