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Gareth Roberts (born Gareth John Pritchard Roberts 5 June 1968[1]) was a writer for Doctor Who and several of its spin-offs.


His first contributions to Doctor Who, in the early 1990s, were several novels in Virgin Books' New Adventures and Missing Adventures lines; these books were generally well-received by fans, with four of them eventually being adapted by Big Finish in their Novel Adaptations range. Roberts went on to contribute to a wide variety of other Doctor Who ranges and media, including novels for subsequent Doctors and several episodes of the television show.

As a fan of the Graham Williams/Douglas Adams era, he used the Fourth Doctor, Romana II, and K9 TARDIS team more than any other Virgin writer; years later, he was chosen to be the BBC Wales representative for the documentary about the Graham Williams era included with the UK DVD release of The Ribos Operation, and he would later novelise the unfinished Douglas Adams script Shada.

Roberts's debut in comics was 1994's Plastic Millenium, which was the first appearance of Mel in comics. He went on to be a recurring comics writer during the Ninth Doctor's era, and he would often reuse ideas from his comics for his television episodes: he showed the Ninth Doctor visiting William Shakespeare in A Groatsworth of Wit before writing the episode The Shakespeare Code; and his series 5 episode The Lodger was an adaptation of his 2006 comic of the same name.

Outside of official Doctor Who, Roberts contributed to the charity reference book Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who, and was interviewed in issue 485 of Doctor Who Magazine for the revival series' tenth anniversary.


In September 2017, Roberts posted a tweet on his Twitter account that gained some media attention for being trans-misogynistic.[2][3][4][5] In early May 2019, BBC Books released details about an upcoming Doctor Who anthology that would include a short story by Roberts;[6] a month later, Roberts announced in an article that his story would not be included in the anthology after other contributing writers threatened to withdraw from the publication due to Roberts' tweets.[7]

Since then, Roberts has also mocked the fact that Rose Noble, and by extension actress Yasmin Finney, is transgender on his Twitter account.[8][9]



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