Gardeners were a species evolved to tend the soil. They sometimes referred to themselves as the Gardeners of Tellus but were not originally from this planet.

History Edit

From their home world the Gardeners spread out across the universe. They brought soil from their home world to Tellus IV and made it their new home. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

Appearance, biology and habits Edit

Individual Gardeners often looked like and were named after plants. In particular, like plants, they had ordinary and Latin names. Graham O'Brien could guess some of the ordinary names based on his knowledge of Earth flora and their Latin designations. Gardeners were approximately ten feet tall. They had gnarled, trunk-like legs with wide and padded knees. Their long arms ended one with a fork-shaped hand and the other with a pair of secateurs. Their faces were covered in green leaves with branches in place of hair. Vines sprouted from their mouths, and insects wriggled across their wooden faces. The Gardeners had two large brown eyes and noses twice larger than humans' with a flap over each nostril. Bending caused the Gardeners to creak much like trees did. Gardeners could grow roots and retract them at will to anchor themselves to the ground.

Gardeners were one of most patient species in the universe. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

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