Game of Thrones

Portraits of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

Game of Thrones (COMIC: The Dragon Lord) (also known as Thrones for short) was a television series based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.[source needed] Shona McCullough planned to marathon the show as part of her Christmas Day itinerary. (TV: Last Christmas)

When Lord Mortigan mentioned how the humans had to genetically modify the local life forms on a planet to make them more like dragons, Clara Oswald retorted that this was so they could play Game of Thrones. (COMIC: The Dragon Lord)

The Twelfth Doctor had portraits of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow at the doorway of his office at St Luke's University. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were not explicitly named in The Lost Dimension.

Its network of origin was HBO, owners of HBO Max.

Cast connections[edit | edit source]

Many Doctor Who universe actors appeared in Game of Thrones. This was remarked upon in a sketch in Episode 5 of The Fan Show, The Magician's Apprentice: What We Know So Far, which even spun a short parodical skit out of this fact by having fictional reporters Pete Lannister and Gendry Temple-Noble cover these shared cast members as though they were "player transfers" between professional sports teams.

Actor GoT role Episodes DWU role Stories
Maisie Williams Arya Stark 59 episodes (2011-2019) Ashildr Series 9: The Girl Who Died, The Woman Who Lived, Face the Raven, Hell Bent (2015)
Iain Glen Jorah Mormont 52 episodes (2011-2019) Father Octavian Series 5: The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone (2010)
Liam Cunningham Davos Seaworth 42 episodes (2012-2019) Captain Zhukov Series 7: Cold War (2013)
Joe Dempsie Gendry 24 episodes (2011-2019) Cline Series 3: The Doctor's Daughter (2007)
Indira Varma Ellaria Sand 13 episodes (2014-2017) Suzie Costello Torchwood: Everything Changes, They Keep Killing Suzie (2006); Big Finish: Moving Target, The Torchwood Archive (2016)
Jonathan Pryce High Sparrow 12 episodes (2015-2016) The Master TV: The Curse of Fatal Death (1999)
Mark Addy Robert Baratheon 7 episodes (2011) Greston Paltraki Series 11: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos (2018)
Harry Lloyd Viserys Targaryen 5 episodes (2011) Jeremy Baines
Son of Mine
Series 3: Human Nature/The Family of Blood (2007)
Julian Glover Pycelle 31 episodes (2011-2016) Richard the Lionheart Season 2: The Crusade (1965)
Scaroth Season 17: City of Death (1979)
Upuat Faction Paradox: Coming to Dust (2005), The Ship of a Billion Years (2006)
Ben Crompton Eddison Tollett 34 episodes (2012-2017) Ross Series 8: Into the Dalek (2014)
Ian McElhinney Barristan Selmy 25 episodes (2011-2015) Ko Sharmus Series 12: Ascension of the Cybermen, The Timeless Children (2020)
Finn Jones Loras Tyrell 20 episodes (2011-2016) Santiago Jones SJA: Death of the Doctor (2010)
Owen Teale Alliser Thorne 19 episodes (2011-2016) Maldak Season 22: Vengeance on Varos (1985)
Evan Sherman Torchwood: Countrycide (2006)
Hayton Big Finish: The Mind's Eye (2007)
Diana Rigg Olenna Tyrell 18 episodes (2013-2017) Winifred Gillyflower Series 7: The Crimson Horror (2013)
Ian Beattie Meryn Trant 18 episodes (2011-2015) Jackdaw Series 10: Empress of Mars (2017)
Tom Wlaschiha Jaqen H'ghar 17 episodes (2012-2016) Koenig SJA: Lost in Time (2009)
Gemma Whelan Yara Greyjoy 16 episodes (2012-2019) Casta, Sylph, Khlecht Big Finish: Persuasion (2013)
Emma Waverly Big Finish: Manhunt, Sins of the Fathers (2013)
Donald Sumpter Maester Luwin 14 episodes (2011-2012) Enrico Casali Season 5 : The Wheel in Space (1968)
Ridgeway Season 9: The Sea Devils (1972)
Erasmus Darkening SJA: The Eternity Trap (2009)
Rassilon Series 9: Hell Bent (2015)
Roger Ashton-Griffiths Mace Tyrell 13 episodes (2014-2016) Mr Garret Torchwood: Random Shoes (2006)
Quayle Series 8: Robot of Sherwood (2014)
Amrita Acharia Irri 13 episodes (2011-2012) The Resurrectionist
Big Finish: You Are the Doctor (2015)
Rashid, Computer, Shythe Shahid Big Finish: Original Sin (2016)
Ron Donachie Rodrik Cassel 12 episodes (2011-2012) Steward Series 2: Tooth and Claw (2006)
Ian Gelder Kevan Lannister 12 episodes (2011-2016) Dekker Torchwood: Children of Earth (2009)
Long John Silver
Big Finish: Legend of the Cybermen (2010)
Remnant Series 11: The Ghost Monument (2018)
Zellin Series 12: Can You Hear Me? (2018)
Faye Marsay Waif 11 episodes (2015-2016) Shona McCullough Series 8: Last Christmas (2014)
Thomas Sangster Jojen Reed 10 episodes (2013-2014) Tim Latimer Series 3: Human Nature/The Family of Blood (2007)
Kyle Big Finish: The Mind's Eye (2007)
Miner Big Finish: The Bride of Peladon (2008)
Paul Kaye Thoros 10 episodes (2013-2017) Albar Prentis Series 9: Under the Lake/Before the Flood (2015)
Rupert Vansittart Yohn Royce 13 episodes (2014-2019) General Asquith
Series 1: Aliens of London/World War Three (2005)
Sepulchre Big Finish: Dead London (2008)
Gethin Anthony Renly Baratheon 8 episodes (2011-2012) Edward Scrivener Big Finish: The Ghosts of Gralstead (2014)
Olivan Big Finish: The Age of Endurance (2016)
Kevin Archer
Salvador Dalí
Big Finish: Muse of Fire (2018)
Jason Vane Big Finish: Fever Island (2019)
Tobias Menzies Edmure Tully 8 episodes (2013-2016) Lieutenant Stepashin Series 7: Cold War (2013)
Joel Fry Hizdahr zo Loraq 8 episodes (2014-2015) Kinvar
Big Finish: Quicksilver (2016)
Francis Magee Yoren 7 episodes (2011-2012) Karter Big Finish: The Dance of the Dead (2002)
Stuart Big Finish: Flip-Flop (2003)
Susan Brown Septa Mordane 6 episodes (2011) see main article (2007-2015)
David Bradley Walder Frey 6 episodes (2011-2017) Shansheeth SJA: Death of the Doctor (2010)
Solomon Series 7: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (2012)
William Hartnell An Adventure in Space and Time (2013)
First Doctor Series 10: The Doctor Falls; Twice Upon a Time (2017); Big Finish (2017-present)
Tony Way Dontos Hollard 6 episodes (2012-2014) Alf Series 8: Deep Breath (2014)
Tim Plester Walder Rivers 6 episodes (2013-2016) Chief servant Series 5: A Christmas Carol (2010)
Paul Bentley High Septon 6 episodes (2013-2015) Professor Candy Series 6: Let's Kill Hitler (2011)
Jamie Sives Jory Cassel 5 episodes (2011) Captain Reynolds Series 2: Tooth and Claw (2006)
Robert Pugh Craster 5 episodes (2012-2013) Jonah Bevan Torchwood: Adrift (2008)
Tony Mack Series 5: The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood (2010)
Emmet Burrows Big Finish: Five Twenty-Nine (2016)
Nonso Anozie Xaro Xhoan Daxos 5 episodes (2012) Hydroflax Series 9: The Husbands of River Song (2015)
John Stahl Rickard Karstark 5 episodes (2012-2013) Whitenoise Big Finish: Red (2006)
Kaled Supremo Big Finish: I, Davros: (2006)
Great Leader Big Finish: The Temple of Questions (2011)
Alexander Siddig Doran Martell 5 episodes (2015-2016) Rosto Big Finish: Sisters of the Flame/The Vengeance of Morbius (2008)
Captain Nemo Big Finish: The Wreck of the Titan, Legend of the Cybermen (2010)
Sultan Big Finish: 1001 Nights (2012)
Marcus Gifford Big Finish: I Went to a Marvellous Party (2015)
Bella Ramsey Lyanna Mormont 9 episodes (2016-2019) Freya GAME: Doctor Who Infinity (2018)
Tim McInnerny Robett Glover 5 episodes (2016-2017) Klineman Halpen Series 4: Planet of the Ood (2008)
Dolne Big Finish: The Well-Mannered War (2015)
Margaret John Old Nan 4 episodes (2011) Megan Jones Season 5: Fury from the Deep (1968)
Grandma Connolly Series 2: Tardisode 7, The Idiot's Lantern (2006)
Ian Hanmore Pyat Pree 4 episodes (2012) Father Angelo Series 2: Tooth and Claw (2006)
Burn Gorman Karl Tanner 4 episodes (2013-2014) Owen Harper Torchwood: Series 1-2 (2006-2008); Big Finish (2017-present)
Mark Gatiss Tycho Nestoris 4 episodes (2014-2017) see main article (1999-2017)
Tom Hopper Dickon Tarly 4 episodes (2017) Jeff Angelo Series 5: The Eleventh Hour (2010)
Kae Alexander Leaf 3 episodes (2016) Waywalker Big Finish: The Becoming (2016)
Clive Mantle Greatjon Umber 3 episodes (2011) Oliver Cromwell Big Finish: The Settling (2006)
Tuvold Big Finish: The Burning Prince (2012)
Lucian Msamati Salladhor Saan 3 episodes (2012-2014) Guido Series 5: The Vampires of Venice (2010)
Ross Mullan White Walker 3 episodes (2012-2014) Silent Series 7: The Time of the Doctor (2013)
The Teller Series 8: Time Heist (2014)
Cloister Wraith Series 9: Hell Bent (2015)
Richard E Grant Izembaro 3 episodes (2016) Tenth Doctor TV: The Curse of Fatal Death (1999)
Ninth Doctor NOTVALID: Scream of the Shalka (2003)
Walter Simeon
Great Intelligence
Series 7: The Snowmen (2012), The Bells of Saint John, The Name of the Doctor (2013)
Struan Rodger Three-Eyed Raven 2 episodes (2014) Face of Boe Series 2: New Earth (2006); Series 3: Gridlock (2007)
Clayton Series 9: The Woman Who Lived (2015)
Mark Lewis Jones Shagga 2 episodes (2011) John Ellis Torchwood: Out of Time (2006)
Oliver Mortlake Big Finish: The Darkness of Glass (2015)
Minor / one-off
Spencer Wilding White Walker "Winter Is Coming" (2011) Minotaur Series 6: The God Complex (2011)
Wooden King Series 6: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (2011)
Skaldak Series 7: Cold War (2013)
Quill Goddess Class: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did (2016)
John Standing Jon Arryn Fenric Big Finish: Gods and Monsters (2012)
Professor Threadstone Big Finish: Vampire of the Mind (2016)
Sam Callis Gold Cloak on the Kingsroad 2 episodes (2012) Security guard Series 1: Bad Wolf (2005)
David Fynn Rennick "Garden of Bones" (2012) Marcellus Series 5: The Pandorica Opens (2010)
David Verrey High Septon "The Old Gods and the New" (2012) Slitheen
Joseph Green
Series 1: Aliens of London/World War Three (2005)
Mark Killeen Mero "Second Sons" (2013) German officer Series 6: Let's Kill Hitler (2011)
Sean Buckley Old man "The Rains of Castamere" (2013) Barman Series 6: The Wedding of River Song (2011)
Jem Wall Guymon "Breaker of Chains" (2014) Michael Series 5: The Lodger (2010)
Rhrodi Miles First Mate "The Laws of Gods and Men" (2014) Billy Davies Torchwood: Reset (2008)
Neil Fingleton Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg "The Watchers on the Wall" (2014) Fisher King Series 9: Before the Flood (2015)
Alice Hewkin Child of the Forest "The Children" (2014) Felicity Series 10: Knock Knock (2017)
Gwyneth Keyworth Clea "High Sparrow" (2015) Emily Morris SJA: Lost in Time (2009)
Gary Pillai Merchant captain "Sons of the Harpy" (2015) Mark Brisco Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie (2006)
Ross O'Hennessey Lord of Bones "Hardhome" (2015) Sgt Johnson Torchwood: Day One (2006)
Murray McArthur Dim Dalba Hasten Series 9: The Girl Who Died (2015)
Nicholas Boulton Fighting pit announcer "The Dance of Dragons" (2015) Businessman Series 3: Gridlock (2007)
Souad Faress High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen 2 episodes (2016) Older Rani Chandra SJA: The Mad Woman in the Attic (2009)
Leo Woodruff Howland Reed "Oathbreaker" (2016) Stunt double for the Twelfth Doctor Series 9: Heaven Sent (2015)
Robert Goodman Valyrian slave see main article (1979-1986)
Reg Series 8: Listen (2014)
Kiran Shah Braavosi Theatre Sound Artist 2 episodes (2016) Figure
Emojibot Series 10: Smile (2017)
Kevin Eldon Camello Antimony NOTVALID: Death Comes to Time (2001-2002)
Gold Cloak "Eastwatch" (2017) Ribbons Series 11: It Takes You Away (2018)
Samantha Spiro Melessa Tarly "Blood of My Blood" (2016) Hazran Series 10: The Doctor Falls (2017)
Rebecca Benson Talla Tarly Kar Series 10: The Eaters of Light (2017)
Sabrina Bartlett Handmaid "The Winds of Winter" (2016) Maid Marian Series 8: Robot of Sherwood (2014)
Cora Big Finish: Time Reaver (2016)
Sean Blowers Wyman Manderly Zed Season 24: Dragonfire (1987)
Tom Chadbon High Septon "The Dragon and the Wolf" (2017) see main article (1979-2016)
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