The Game of Death was an intergalactic competition run by the Nocturn. The prize was one hundred million galactic credits. All the winner had to do was survive the night on Devastation Hall, an asteroid in the Silver Devastation.

A small number of participants at a time were invited to compete in a murder mystery-themed event set in the house and on the grounds of Devastation Hall. Contestants came from across the galaxy. In keeping with the main theme of the event, characters engaged in traditional role-play in a historical setting. They were told there was only one of the predatory Nocturn, deadly creatures capable of assuming the identity of any one of the guests and keen hunters of the night.

In reality, the Game of Death was a cover for the Nocturn to hunt and kill their prey. There were no survivors. Eventually the game was investigated by Zalenby and with backup from the Judoon, the Game was closed and the Nocturn taken for trial. (PROSE: The Game of Death)