The Gallipoli was a Mediterranean peninsular in Turkey which was the site of a notable battle in World War I. (PROSE: Direct Action)

Geography Edit

The peninsula was a place of scrub, dirt, and deep ridges. (PROSE: Direct Action)

History Edit

The Gallipoli campaign of World War I occurred in 1915, when the British Empire sent its army, mostly from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp, to take the peninsula before quickly moving on to Constantinople. (PROSE: Direct Action) Jack Harkness was present at Gallipoli during the campaign, wearing a battered coat which had sustained several holes as a result of gunfire. He was responsible for saving the life of Ata, an Ottoman soldier, while warding off a creature which fed on fear in times of war. While doing so, Jack was killed twice, first from a gunshot inflicted by Ata when he initially approached him, then again by Ottoman forces when they recovered Ata. (AUDIO: What Have I Done?) Ultimately, the terrain and the enemy turned out to be much more than the British had bargained for, and the ANZAC soldiers were slaughtered. (PROSE: Direct Action)

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In the 1970s, the Third Doctor claimed to Robbins that he was wounded in the leg in Crimea. He quickly changed his story to say it was Gallipoli, and then El Alamein, before questioning if it mattered. (TV: The Sea Devils)

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