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Gallifrey VI was a full cast audio anthology released in October 2013 by Big Finish Productions. It featured Romana II and Leela.

Publisher's summary[]

Romana’s proud new Gallifrey is falling – the Daleks have come through the Axis from one universe, preparing to conquer all others. Swarming through the corridors of the Capitol, the Daleks seek, locate and exterminate everyone they find – because they are searching for something, a something they believe will give them domination over the entirety of existence. And it can only be found on this particular Gallifrey.

Whatever happens, wherever Romana, Leela and Narvin go, the Daleks will pursue them until they have what they want.

But elsewhere, someone else in another reality has a plan of their own, and is waiting for the right moment to confront Romana. Is this salvation or the ultimate betrayal?

6.1 Extermination by Scott Handcock

Gallifrey Fights...

Having infiltrated the Axis, the Daleks have secured access to a myriad alternative realities and, with them, countless Gallifreys...every one with secrets to be plundered.

As her new world falls to the might of the Dalek invasion force, Romana finds herself struggling to keep her friends alive as the Capitol collapses around her.

Against all odds, there may be a way out - back to the Axis and, potentially, back home. But desperate times call for desperate measures and, ultimately, sacrifices...

6.2 Renaissance by James Goss

Gallifrey Lies...

Returning to her original homeworld, Romana finds Gallifrey to be cold and empty...the corridors of the Capitol lie silent and the wastelands are populated only by a handful of primitive monsters.

Her only hope lies with the appearance of a strange young woman: a woman with a masterplan so devious it makes Romana’s own masterplans look decidedly not-devious-at-all...

How far would Romana go to save her world? Would she risk the Web of Time? And who is the mysterious stranger watching from the shadows...?

6.3 Ascension by Justin Richards

Gallifrey Rises...

Romana’s sacrifice sees Gallifrey restored to its former glory, but at a terrible cost.

As the Time Lords begin to reclaim their stronghold, Leela and Narvin find themselves trapped in a decaying reality...and only K9 can help them.

As old friends fight to reunite, new threats lie in wait...

Because Braxiatel was right: war is coming.


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
6.1 Extermination Scott Handcock Gary Russell Romana II, Leela, Narvin, Daleks 16 October 2013 BFPGALLCD17
6.2 Renaissance James Goss Romana II, Leela, Narvin, Romana III
6.3 Ascension Justin Richards Romana II, Leela, Narvin, Romana III, K9 Mark II, Valyes, Matthias, Slyne, Daleks

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  • The anthology was dedicated to the memory of Mary Tamm.
  • The Supreme Dalek has the same ID tag as Dalek Sec. This Supreme is different by having a mostly bronze body with a black dome and hemispheres.

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