On one Gallifrey, Rassilon failed to complete the Eye of Harmony. This was because he trapped the Krilig. Romana II, Narvin and Leela were trapped there after stopping the Krilig from escaping. As a result the people of Gallifrey never became Time Lords. (AUDIO: Forever)

After these events, the slaves were released and settled on a Zeiton-7 field which the mining guild wanted to mine. (AUDIO: Emanciptaion) There were plenty of scientific research facilities scattered along the outlands, one of which was where Hector's Time Experiments were held. (AUDIO: Evolution) The Daleks from the prime universe invaded this Gallifrey (AUDIO: Arbitration) where they were looking for a dimensional anomaly. Romana, Narvin and Leela used this Gallifreys expertise on weapons to stop them and then fled to the Axis. (AUDIO: Extermination)

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