Gallifrey: Time War was a subseries of the Gallifrey audio series produced by Big Finish Productions. Much like the previous series, it focused on the planet Gallifrey, but now during the Last Great Time War.

Scott Handcock, producer of Gallifrey, though Enemy Lines was the end for the series, as it "had always been flirting around the edges of the Time War without ever addressing it, so [he] struggled to see what [they] could do to feel fresh without tackling the Time War head-on". (VOR 108)

Stories Edit

Volume One Edit

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 Celestial Intervention David Llewellyn Romana II, Leela, Narvin, Livia, Trave, Ace, Braxiatel 22 February 2018
1.2 Soldier Obscura Tim Foley Ace, Braxiatel, Daleks, Romana II, Narvin
1.3 The Devil You Know Scott Handcock Leela, the Master, Romana II, Narvin
1.4 Desperate Measures Matt Fitton Romana II, Narvin, Livia, Trave, Braxiatel, Daleks, Dalek Emperor, Rassilon

Volume Two Edit

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# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Havoc David Llewellyn Romana II, Narvin, Rassilon, Livia, Mantus, Trave 20 March 2019
2.2 Partisans Una McCormack Romana II, Narvin, Livia, Mantus
2.3 Collateral Lisa McMullin Romana II, Narvin, Rassilon, Livia, Mantus
2.4 Assassins Matt Fitton Romana II, Narvin, Rassilon, Livia, Mantus

Cover gallery Edit

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