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Gallery was a Doctor Who Adventures comic story featuring the Twelfth Doctor.


Part 1[]

Isabelle, the owner of the Galerie d'Art de Parisiennes, tells her cleaner, Lucien, to finish mopping the floor quickly, as the gallery is about to have its grand reopening. She walks towards the gallery's entrance while Lucien puts away his equipment. As Isabelle opens the doors to let the guests in, a large black hand grabs Lucien and drags him behind a door.

Meanwhile, the Doctor's TARDIS lands just outside of the park around the Eiffel Tower. The Twelfth Doctor emerges and is thrilled to be in Paris during springtime. He notices a crowd going into the Galerie d'Art de Parisiennes and decides to follow. He's greeted by Isabelle, who welcomes him to the gallery and tells him that the balcony room is off limits to guests because it has recently been painted.

A while later, the Doctor is looking at a painting of an elderly woman knitting near a fireplace. Suddenly, he hears a scream coming from a nearby room. He runs to the room to find it almost empty: aside from the paintings, Isabelle's pen is spinning on the floor. After getting rid of other curious guests by telling them that free coffee is being given across the street, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to scan for life readings. He finds that there is life inside Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies. As he approaches the painting two large black hands reach out from behind it and pull the Doctor inside the painting.

Part 2[]

The Doctor follows Isabelle's life readings through The Tree of Life.

The Doctor finds himself on a bridge over a pond of water lilies, suddenly a round black alien emerges from the water and begins chasing the Doctor. The Doctor then reaches the painting's edge to find himself in another painting. He continues through several more paintings until he finds Isabelle in a building in a painting of Paris. She isn't alone, as there are three other victims of the alien with her. As the alien approaches them, the Doctor has an idea on how to escape the painting; he uses Isabelle's pen to draw a door on the building's wall, creating a doorway back into the art gallery. They escape with the alien in hot pursuit.

As the alien tries to leave the painting, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to prevent it from leaving. The Doctor notes that this effect will soon wear off. He asks Isabelle to take him to the balcony room. Inside the balcony room, he finds a can of white paint and opens it with his screwdriver. Then the alien appears in one of the paintings and begins reaching for the Doctor. The Doctor turns around and throws the entire can of paint at the alien, trapping it within the painting. He apologises to Isabelle for ruining her art, but she thanks him for creating a masterpiece. The Doctor walks away and says, "I prefer still life, the stiller the better!".



Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait.


Original print details[]

  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWA15 16 (2 parts, 9 pages) The End


  • The Twelfth Doctor previously visited early 20th century Paris in COMIC: Four Doctors.