You may be looking for Fifth Galaxy or Galaxy Five.

Galaxy 5 was a terrorist organisation (PROSE: Legacy) which opposed the Galactic Federation. (TV: The Monster of Peladon) According to one account, this war instead involved a galaxy called Galaxy Five. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Monster of Peladon)

In 3935, the Federation and Galaxy 5 were at war. Galaxy 5 sent agents Azaxyr and Eckersley to take over the trisilicate mining on Peladon, which was vital for the Federation's war effort. After the failure of this mission Galaxy 5 quickly agreed to a peace treaty. (TV: The Monster of Peladon, PROSE: Legacy)

Torin Chalfont had reported from the front line on the first Galaxy 5 war. In 3999, Galaxy Five was still a terrorist threat. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

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