GalSec was a human colony which was descended from a colony ship sent out by the Earth around the time of the Expansion. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

History[edit | edit source]

Mirana's parents were born on GalSec. (AUDIO: Project Infinity)

During the following 10,000 years, they established an Empire with bases across the Galaxy. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment) A number of pre-existing colonies were taken over, and prejudice existed among GalSec colonists against the original colonies ("indigs"). (AUDIO: Wirrn Dawn)

In 16087, (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle) Styre lured a group of GalSec colonists to Earth with a fake distress signal in order to test human capabilities. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

GalSec spent a number of years at war with the Wirrn. (AUDIO: Wirrn Dawn)

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