The Futurekind were a race of humanoids who lived on the planet Malcassairo.

Biology Edit

The only obvious difference between the Futurekind and the humans who took refuge on Malcassairo was that the teeth of the Futurekind were sharp fangs for cutting into flesh; the guards at Silo 16 on the planet needed to check the teeth of all who tried to enter the base in case of an infiltration of Futurekind. They also had a hissing voice. (TV: Utopia)

Technology Edit

The Futurekind was a primitive race that possessed little technology, wore simple animal skins and hunted with primitive spears and makeshift weapons, such as a double-ended flail.

They also tattooed and cut themselves in various patterns, possibly as a way of identification or to inspire fear in their enemies. (TV: Utopia)

History Edit

The Futurekind appeared on Malcassairo around the end of the universe. Little was ever known about them, except that they learned to hunt humans for flesh, as there was little else on the planet for food. There was, however, a myth amongst the refugee humans that if humanity did not reach the planet Utopia they themselves would evolve into Futurekind, implying that Futurekind were mutated humans. (TV: Utopia)

After the humans had left Malcassairo, the Futurekind entered the Silo and chased the Tenth Doctor, Martha and Jack Harkness. The three of them used Jack's vortex manipulator to escape. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

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