Future Imperfect was a Brief Encounter short story published in the Doctor Who Yearbook 1992. Though it tried to explain how the Second Doctor ended up meeting the Third Doctor in the television The Three Doctors, it overlooked events that would allow it to fit within the continuity of the TV series.

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The Second Doctor is unable to find his recorder and mentally re-enters the Land of Fiction to search for it, where he meets Lemuel Gulliver once again. However, when "Gulliver" suddenly quotes dialogue from Gulliver's Travels that Dean Swift never wrote, the Doctor realises that this is in fact the Time Lord Goth. The Doctor finds himself unable to wake up and is told by Goth that the Time Lords require his assistance urgently, showing an image of vital cosmic energy being drained away into a black hole. Next thing he knows, the Doctor finds himself in the TARDIS once again, face to face with both his next incarnation and future companion.

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