Furthest Tales of the City was the fourth anthology in the City of the Saved series.

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Even the secular afterlife created for humanity by the Secret Architects has its limits – and there will always be those Citizens who chafe against those limits. Environmentally, culturally, biologically, cosmologically, politically, experientially, some will always seek to go further.

For instance...

A group mind facing the troubling truth of resurrection. A comatose giant with human inhabitants of its own. A civilisation re-enacting an impossible apocalypse. A woman with negligible human ancestry out on the dating scene. A cult who inhabit the deep infrastructure underlying the City. A fictional adventurer starved of the risks his narrative craves.

These are their tales.

Individual stories Edit

Title Author
SalutationPhilip Purser-Hallard
Weighty QuestionsJuliet Kemp
Sleeping GiantsElizabeth Evershed
Driving Home for AtonatiuhLawrence Burton
The Smallest SparkPaul Hiscock
The Places Above, Between and BelowLouise Sellers
We Only Live Twice (But the City Is Not Enough)Helen Angove
God EncompassesPhilip Purser-Hallard

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