Fugitive of the Judoon was the fifth episode of series 12 of Doctor Who.

It featured the introduction of a new incarnation of the Doctor, wrapped in mystery, with her own TARDIS, though neither Doctor can remember living the life of the other. This other Doctor is said to have used a Chameleon Arch to hide on Earth in her "Ruth Clayton" identity, and has a history working for the Time Lords, in an undisclosed capacity. As a result of this revelation, Jo Martin makes history by becoming the first non-white actor to be cast in the role of the Doctor, as well as the first to receive credit in this role.

This episode also saw the return of Captain Jack Harkness, who last made a televised appearance at the end of Torchwood series 4 in 2011 with The Blood Line. This was also his first appearance in televised Doctor Who in just over a decade, last having being seen in 2010's The End of Time. Although Jack does not interact with the Thirteenth Doctor in this story, he warns her companions about the Lone Cyberman, setting up a story arc that came to fruition in The Haunting of Villa Diodati.

True to its title, this story also saw the reintroduction of the Judoon, who became the first of those monsters first introduced in the Russell T Davies era to make an appearance under new showrunner Chris Chibnall.

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The Judoon are on the hunt for a runaway and they have narrowed their search down to modern-day Gloucester. The Thirteenth Doctor and her friends decide to step in before anyone can get hurt, but things are far more complex than they seem. A complex web is about to unfold, featuring a surprising new face and a worrying prophecy from an old friend.

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While her companions try to get her to talk about her search for the Master (given her assumption that he escaped the Kasaavin), the Doctor learns that a Judoon platoon has descended upon Gloucester and put a forcefield around the city in search of a fugitive. The Doctor manages to bypass the forcefield and arrive in Gloucester. Upon landing and unbeknownst to the Doctor, Graham is teleported to a stolen spaceship piloted by Captain Jack Harkness who mistook Graham for the Doctor. The Doctor intervenes when the Judoon try to attack the apartment of Lee and Ruth Clayton, and stalls them long enough to question the couple and find a hidden box. Lee refuses to answer the Doctor's questions, but he covers the group's escape, turning himself in to the Judoon before being killed by their contractor, Gat, who recognises him as the fugitive's associate.

Whilst the Doctor flees with Ruth to Gloucester Cathedral, Ryan and Yaz are teleported to Harkness' ship, which is now being attacked by its rightful owners. When Harkness learns the Judoons' forcefield prevents him from teleporting the Doctor, he is forced to ask the Doctor's companions to tell the Doctor to beware of the "Lone Cyberman" and to not give it what it wants. He is forced to teleport due to the ship's anti-theft attack system while Graham, Ryan, and Yaz are transported back to Gloucester. The Doctor and Ruth are soon surrounded by the Judoon in the cathedral. Ruth reflexively attacks them, forcing them to retreat after ripping off their commander's horn. With Ruth unable to explain herself, she reveals Lee sent her a text before his death that leads them to a lighthouse where she grew up.

There, the Doctor finds a TARDIS buried outside under a blank gravestone. Ruth, meanwhile, enters the lighthouse and, breaking an alarm box, is engulfed in energy which restores her memory. Ruth then introducing herself as the Doctor. With neither remembering the other, the Thirteenth Doctor assumes the "Fugitive" Doctor to be an unknown past incarnation while the "Fugitive" Doctor reveals that she used a chameleon arch to hide herself from her former associate Gat. The "Fugitive" Doctor's TARDIS is then taken aboard the Judoon ship, and the two Doctors confront Gat, who is revealed to be a Time Lord with orders to retrieve the "Fugitive" Doctor. Against the "Fugitive" Doctor's orders, the Thirteenth Doctor introduces herself, and shows Gat a vision of the destroyed Gallifrey that she saw, which she attempts to dismiss as trickery. Gat is killed when she fires a sabotaged weapon confiscated from the "Fugitive" Doctor.

After the Thirteenth Doctor is dropped back to Gloucester by the "Fugitive" Doctor, she is reunited with her companions, who relay Harkness's message. Confused by these recent events, the Doctor senses that something is coming for her.

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And introducing Jo Martin as The Doctor

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  • Ruth has a swan-friend that she calls Reggie.
  • Marcia is an old lady that knits.
  • Allan works at the coffee shop. He has a dossier on Lee Clayton.
  • The Doctor is looking for the Master.
  • The Doctor and Yaz note that the arrestee is entitled to arbitration with a third party under the "made-up" local Earth law Rule 12. They get away with it due to Yaz being a Liaison Officer.
  • The Doctor flippantly says that Ruth "turned into Jackie Chan" after fighting off the Judoon.
  • Jack tells Graham, Yaz and Ryan to tell the Doctor to beware the Lone Cyberman.
  • The Thirteenth Doctor gets offended when the "Fugitive" Doctor gives her points, claiming it as her thing.

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  • 4.21 million (BBC overnight)[4]
  • 5.57 million (BBC final)[5]

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  • West Usk Lighthouse served as a filming location for this story. Since 2012, this lighthouse-turned-bed and breakfast has had a Dalek in the foyer and a TARDIS as changing room for the hot tub on the roof.[6]

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If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • When the two Doctors exit the "Fugitive" Doctor's TARDIS, as they open the door, the backside of the police box prop is clearly visible.
    • The first such error since the early days of the Classic era of the show.
  • When in the "Fugitive" Doctor's TARDIS, the wide shots with the "Fugitive" and Thirteenth Doctors show that the doors in the background appear to be slightly open.

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