Colin "Fudge" Higgins was a schoolmate of Sharon Davies from Blackcastle.

Biography Edit

Fudge Higgins

Fudge Higgins as a child. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast

Searching for a reported UFO which had passed over their hometown of Blackcastle, Fudge and Sharon discovered Beep the Meep hiding in a nearby shed. Fudge considered selling it to a pet shop, but Sharon insisted that they had to look after it. They brought the alien back to Fudge's house to recover from his wounds.

Later, when searching through Beep's ship for something to help him, Fudge and Sharon were attacked by Wrarth Warriors. They were rescued by the Fourth Doctor, who accompanied them back to Fudge's house and Beep the Meep. The Wrarth Warriors later held Fudge and Mrs Higgins prisoner at their house, asking where the Doctor was, when the Doctor came in to talk. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast)

The Doctor returned to Blackcastle in 1995, 15 years later, ending up in a multiplex cinema under attack by Beep. The Doctor ran into the cinema's owner, a now-adult Fudge, who helped the Doctor defeat Beep once again. (COMIC: Star Beast II)

Behind the scenes Edit

Fudge's first real name, Colin, was not mentioned until his appearance in the comic story Star Beast II, when he is seen to wear a nameplate on his lapel reading COLIN HIGGINS.

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