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From the Flames was the first story in the audio anthology Anti-Genesis, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Nicholas Briggs and featured Derek Jacobi as the War Master and Seán Carlsen as Narvin.

Publisher's summary[]

After the Master's TARDIS returns his remains to Gallifrey, in accordance with his final wishes, an intricate plot begins to change the nature of the universe forever. But even in death the Master threatens life. And only CIA Coordinator Narvin can hope to stop him.


The War Master materialises his TARDIS on the planet Doldrathia. He is accompanied by Insloy, an Insardian who was rescued from a Dalek prison camp by the Master. Insloy asks the Master why he chose to save him and not the other prisoners. After a roar in the distance, the Master reveals that the planet is inhabited by Dolthdrathian Dragons, whose venom exhibits unusual effects on both Insardian and Time Lord physiology. A Dragon emerges and the Master prompts Insloy to stand his ground, an action which leads to it attacking Insloy. The Master shoots the Dragon, and comments to the body of Insloy that he has received a special call, and that his plans are only beginning.

The Time Lord Lamarius is informed that Dalek forces have detonated a Time Destructor, which has resulted in the destruction of her family's planet. Distraught, she arms a time torpedo aimed at the Dalek ship prior to the destructor's detonation and fires. Lamarius finds herself in the custody of the time lords, paralysed. The Time Lords reveal that they have prevented the torpedo from succeeding, due to the action violating the Laws of Time. They explain that even the Time War has unwritten rules which both sides follow, including the disallowance of retro-engineering of spacetime. The Time Lords sentence Lamarius to dematerialisation for her crimes.

Lamarius wakes up, now encased within a cryogenic tube in the custody of CIA acting co-ordinator Narvin. She asks him why she was not dematerialised and he reveals that he has saved her because he may have uses for her in the future, and that she will be frozen until such an event. When she begins attacking the casing the tube is activated, freezing her.

In a distress call broadcast across all Gallifreyan transmission frequencies from the Master's TARDIS, he claims that his death is imminent. He begs the Time Lords to have him buried with full Time Lord honours. Narvin discovers the message and reports to President Livia, suggesting they publicly blame the broadcast on Dalek propaganda. He requests to be given authority to deal with the master without Livia's involvement. Livia proposes they grant the Masters request of a full burial as a martyr to boost morale, to which Narvin angrily refuses, citing the masters dishonourable past.

The Master's TARDIS arrives on Gallifrey. Narvin and Crazlus discuss ways to dispose of his body to ensure his complete destruction. Crazlus suggests they use a substance called the Infernal Toxicant to burn every particle of the corpse. Narvin agrees and they administer the toxicant. The Masters body begins burning with an intense heat, prompting Narvin's revulsion. He leaves, deciding that the Master is surely completely destroyed. Inside, Crazlus proclaims that something will rise from the flames in victory. Narvin reports to Lydia, telling her that the master has been utterly destroyed, while Crazlus hears the sounds of laughter from the flames.

The Master thanks Crazlus for his efforts, laughing at the thought of Narvin believing the panthak weed extract to be an infernal toxicant. Crazlus tells Narvin that he has found confidential files in the heart of the master's tardis. He claims he has found references to "Anti-Genesis codes" within them, a phrase which causes Narvin to immediately open an emergency matrix portal, telling Crazlus to enter with him.

Livia recieves a report of unauthorized matrix access to a partitioned sector created to protect secrets from the beginning of the Time War. Livia observes that the sector does not synchronise with linear time, and that while it has only been moments since the portal was opened, it could have been an eternity for anyone who went through.

In the Matrix, an elderly Crazlus and Narvin discuss what their purpose is being there. They reminisce about the years spent in the Matrix. Crazlus remembers the Time Lords, and they attempt to reconstruct their original reason for being trapped there. Eventually they recognise a matrix construct pyramid, and break out onto the side, finding their bodies restored. They begin climbing the slope.

At the top, they find a pebble, which Narvin claims can be used to "create ripples in the water". Narvin asks Crazlus to check the force field around it, when Crazlus reveals he is actually the Master in disguise. He disables the force field, takes the pebble and leaves in his TARDIS.

On Skaro, the Master's TARDIS materialises. The sounds of battle are heard in the distance.

On Gallifrey, Narvin reports to Livia that he has been tricked, and that the Master has obtained the anti-genesis codes. Livia and Narvin wake Lamarius from Cryosleep.

Back on Skaro, the Master is approached by a soldier. He explains that he will not try and escape because he does not need to, as long as he has the anti genesis codes. When the soldier is confused, the master comments that it does not matter, as he will not remember their encounter anyway, because he will be dead in a few seconds. A bomb falls on the structure.

Livia gives Lamarius a choice. She can either cooperate and receive a full pardon, or be erased from the timeline.

On Skaro, the soldier groans in pain from his mortal injuries. The Master, untouched, tells him that his death is inevitable, and takes his identity tag and security pass, before heading towards the bunker.

Lamarius expresses her fury at Livia and Narvin. Livia tells Narvin that he needs to deal with the situation without her as she cannot risk being implicated as being involved.

In the bunker, the Master finds another soldier. When questioned, the Master tells him that he is the sole survivor of a shuttle crash and that he is here to see his nephew. When the soldier attempts to check with the security records office, the Master hypnotises him.

Narvin reminds Lamarius that if she is removed from the timeline her children will not just be dead, but they would never have existed. He tells her that her mission is to go back in time to retrieve the anti genesis codes. He asks her if she knows who the Master is, and who Davros is. He explains that the Master is meddling with history and his actions could destroy the entire timeline.

On Skaro, the Master is escorted to an observation room while the soldier fetches Davros. When he arrives, the Master says that he is his Uncle, and that he has great news about his future achievements. The Master explains that if a bomb were to fall on the bunker and Davros were in his secure laboratory he would surely be horribly scarred and unable to move without a travel machine. He explains that this would have led to him achieving great things, but unfortunately as he is now in the weakest part of the bunker this will no longer happen. The bomb falls on the bunker and Davros is killed.

Lamarius agrees to help and Narvin prepares her Battle TARDIS, giving her a direct spacetime link to allow her to communicate with Gallifrey. She is sent back in time to Skaro.




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