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From Eternity was the second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Monsters. It was written by Jim Mortimore. It featured an unspecified Doctor.


The Doctor, working for the Time Lords, is interviewing an entity who has committed terrible crimes.

The entity explains that, in his first experience with intelligent life, he was unable to establish contact, and the life eventually devolved into a primitive state, later followed by their sun's implosion.

When he next encountered intelligent life, he was able to establish contact, but once again the civilisation decayed and the sun imploded. He concluded that some kind of infection was at work.

The entity next contacted the Iarcho. He tried to warn them of the infection, but they didn't take notice. He killed several of them as a warning, but still their society decayed; the entity destroyed their sun.

At this point the entity realised that for him time moved in reverse to the rest of the universe. What he saw as de-evolution was actually evolution.

He admits his guilt to the Doctor and hopes for redemption.

Time for him eventually progresses to the beginning of the universe, which is his end. Instead of nothingness, however, he experiences a new universe.



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  • The Doctor's incarnation is not clearly specified in this story. The only clues given are the Entity's description of the Doctor: "harshly, angular face" and "thumb-tucked arrogance".
  • A version of the story was self-published by the author in the anthologies The Book of Shadows and The Sun in the Bone House.


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