Friend Ship was a poem in the anthology Now We Are Six Hundred.

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The Twelfth Doctor recites his previous companions.

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Notes Edit

  • The story lists all previous televised companions, ignoring expanded media and one-story companions therefore ignoring the Eighth Doctor completely and discounting the likes of Sara Kingdom and the Tenth Doctor's one-time Series 4 "companions".
  • The video reading the poem has a number of differences to the poem itself such as illustrating the companions with their respective Doctors (something which would be unachievable in two pages of a book) and even adds in a new line. When the First Doctor's companions have been read, it is noted "somewhere inbetweener, poor Katarina", referring to her demise in her second adventure.
  • The poem lists some people who previously would not been thought of as companions; Jackie Tyler, (who was considered narratively ambiguous to TV: Army of Ghosts / Doomsday) Osgoods, plural (who explicitly denied companionship in COMIC: Robo Rampage) and Winston Churchill.
  • Ace is listed as "Ace (aka Dorothy)" referring to her real name.
  • The Doctor lists Donna multiple times stating "never forgetting her".
  • The poem lists Clara a total of six times referencing her echoes and multiple temporary departures and Oswin once.
  • The poem lists River as companions of both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors.
  • The Doctor states at the end "And MOST IMPORTANTLY There's YOU."
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