Frez was the curator-economist of the museum in Darschon. With a team of archaeologists, he found the Jewel of Fawton in the chambers beneath the Krytuk Valleys. The tourism for the Jewel became a massive source of income for the recently-colonised Agratis.

When the Jewel of Fawton was stolen, he summoned the Judoon to Agratis to investigate the theft, a move he later regretted. Frez followed the Fourth Doctor and Mason Vox to the chambers to find Roget. Inside the chambers, Roget had placed the Jewel, which was the hive mind for the native crystalline species, in its original place, and awoke the creatures.

With the Jewel back with its rightful owners, the Judoon's search was called off. Mason promised the Doctor that he would take care of the situation "properly". (COMIC: A Rare Gem)

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