Freeze was a comic story published in September 2014 by BBC Children's Books as a part of the official Doctor Who annual for 2015.

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Clara is late for work and hopes to use the TARDIS to resolve the issue, but the Doctor has other plans...

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Clara enters the TARDIS and asks the Doctor to take her to Coal Hill School half an hour earlier as she is late. However, the Doctor says, as there is no rush, they should go to Eden 2, a paradise planet. There, they find it unpopulated and under attack from the Vladlack who want to freeze it to suit their needs. The Doctor and Clara are pursued and the latter breaks the ice. The freezing process suddenly beings to reverse. The Vladlack decide to blow up the planet instead, but a robot declares the planet is a virtual one, being used as a trap, and that they are all under arrest for breaking intergalactic law. The Doctor negotiates with the robot and uses his sonic screwdriver to send a signal to the satellite controlling the planet warning away future visitors due to his belief that this arrest without trial is unjust. The Doctor then returns Clara home, early for work.

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