You may be looking for the fictional nation.

Freedonia was a planet Jo Grant once visited with the Third Doctor. Its atmosphere was similar to Earth's. The Doctor had at some point helped Kamoa's revolution and was later present when a power-mad Kamoa was deposed. (COMIC: After the Revolution) At some point in its history, the planet was one of many that provided troops to Morbius in his war against the Alliance. (PROSE: Warmonger)

The Doctor and Freedonia Edit

At some point prior to Jo Grant's resignation from UNIT and during one of his first three incarnations, the Doctor visited Freedonia for the first time. During this trip, he helped a local leader called Kamoa with his political revolution.

When he next visited, this time with Jo, he discovered Kamoa had transferred his essence into an electronic brain and was sharing his natural brain cells with many robots that he had built. These robots were suppressing the remaining biological Freedonians. One of these robots, Bolgar, became truly self aware when Jo asked him questions that made him reconsider the logic of his role in Kamoa's plan. Bolgar turned on his master, disconnected Kamoa, and thereby ended the "lives" of all the "Kamoan robots".

The people of Freedonia were thus set free. The Doctor and Jo left them to get on with rebuilding their society. (COMIC: After the Revolution)

Freedonia is later mentioned as one of many planets that provided troops to Morbius in his war against the Alliance. (PROSEWarmonger)

Freedonia is used by Martha Jones as her place of origin when she introduces herself to William Shakespeare. (TVThe Shakespeare Code)