Free Comic Book Day, abbreviated as FCBD, is an annual promotional effort by the North American comic book industry designed to help bring new readers into independent comic book stores. It is held on the first Saturday in May every year.

For the event, major publishers release special standalone comics to tie in to one or more of their currently-ongoing titles, effectively acting as a free sampler for what their series has to offer.

Titan Comics began releasing special Doctor Who comic issues for the event in 2015, and continued to do so until 2019. All issues released have contained new comic stories tying into their various ongoing Doctor Who titles.

IDW Publishing have also been taking part in the event since its inception. Unlike Titan, however, they did not release any Doctor Who-related content for the event during their time with the license.

Stories[edit | edit source]

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Printed in Released
1 The Body Electric George Mann 12th Clara Free Comic Book Day 2015 2 May 2015
Give Free or Die Al Ewing, Rob Williams 11th Alice, Jones, ARC
Laundro-Room of Doom Nick Abadzis 10th Gabby
2 Robo Rampage Robbie Morrison 12th Osgood Free Comic Book Day 2016 7 May 2016
Obsessions Si Spurrier, Rob Williams 11th Alice, Daak
Lady of the Blue Box Nick Abadzis 10th Gabby, Cindy
Hacked Cavan Scott 9th Rose, Jack
3 The Promise Alex Paknadel 12th, 9th,
10th, 11th
Bill, Gabby, Cindy,
Alice, The Sapling
Free Comic Book Day 2017 6 May 2017
4 Catch a Falling Star Nick Abadzis 10th, 12th Gabby Free Comic Book Day 2018 5 May 2018
The Armageddon Gambit John Freeman 7th Ace
Midnight Feast George Mann 11th Alice
And Introducing... Jody Houser 13th
5 Meet the Fam! Jody Houser 13th Graham, Ryan, Yaz Free Comic Book Day 2019 4 May 2019
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