Fred Astaire was an American entertainer who was the star of the 1920s musical stage play Lady, Be Good. Claire Daly saw the play four times and told John Andrews that she thought Astaire was "marvellous." (TV: Carnival of Monsters)

When Torchwood Three agent Owen Harper asked Toshiko Sato if she'd ever seen a dead man dance, she told him that she had seen Astaire do so twice in Easter Parade. (TV: Something Borrowed)

The Eleventh Doctor used his name as an alias when auditioning for a magic show in 2012. (PROSE: Magic of the Angels)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Dancing House in Prague is also known as the Fred-and-Ginger building, named for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, though the short story Nanomorphosis does not specify who Fred and Ginger are.

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