Freakshow was an audio drama in Big Finish Productions' The Companion Chronicles series. It was initially a digital download exclusively offered to readers of Doctor Who Magazine Issue 419, but was later released as part of the The Companion Chronicles: The Specials box set.

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The TARDIS arrives in Arizona 1905, where travelling showman Thaddeus P. Winklemeyer is offering the residents of Buzzard Creek the elixir of life. Winklemeyer also owns a unique carnival, which is full of caged alien creatures. And in Turlough he has found a brand new exhibit...

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  • After the TARDIS materialises in Buzzard Creek, Arizona in 1905, the Doctor gives Turlough a stetson.
  • Buzzard Creek has a general store, a meat market, a bank, a hotel, a milliners, a barber shop, a large white church, a saloon, a windmill and a blacksmith shop run by Jed Harper.
  • The aliens in the Freakshow consist of:
    • "Aqua Boy" — no given name/race. A blue skinned water-breather.
    • "The Mimic" — no given name/race. A shapeshifter.
    • "The Wild Man of Borneo" — Berman Labazeen, an eight-foot Krolock with black, matted fur.
    • "The Porcupine" — Splayne, no given race.
    • "The Butterfly" — no given name.
  • Winklemeyer also has two Sythaks, which are giant snakes native to the swamps of Palliox, a planet near Trion. Winklemeyer claims that he caught them in the jungles of India.
  • Winklemeyer tells the people of Buzzard Creek that he possesses the Elixir of Life.
  • Winklemeyer is a Vermaal.
  • Smart implants were outlawed eight centuries earlier by the Hexen-Brock Treaty. The Doctor saved Jallican Brock from assassination by a Tamaranian death squad at the signing of the treaty.

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  • The DWM download was considered a promotion for the Big Finish line, so the file began with an introduction by Nicholas Briggs giving a brief history of the company's audio releases.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 24 April 2009.

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  • Freakshow was available to readers of Doctor Who Magazine who went to the Big Finish website and entered a code to be found within the magazine. The digital download offer was only available from 3 March to 26 May 2010.
  • Big Finish subsequently reissued the story as part of The Companion Chronicles: The Specials, which was released in August 2011.

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