Franklin Hughes Dennis Hooper

Hughes' petrified body. (COMIC: The Celluloid Midas)

Franklin Hughes was an actor who portrayed the title character of the BBC drama The Squire of Crampton. While filming a scene on location near Puddlesfield, Hughes and the rest of the cast and crew were accidentally turned into plastic by Professor Midas's ray machine. (COMIC: The Celluloid Midas)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to a letter column in a later issue of Countdown, Franklin Hughes's look was based on Countdown editor Dennis Hooper. Artist Harry Lindfield had used as reference for the BBC film crew featured in The Celluloid Midas location photographs taken during filming of The Dæmons; these had featured Hooper who visited the location. The pictures appeared in the two-page behind-the-scenes article A Day with Dr. Who, which was published in Countdown Annual 1972.

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