Frank Lampard (football player)

During a 2010 World Cup match against Germany, England player Frank Lampard scored a goal, but the referee said the ball did not cross the line and it was ruled not a goal. The situation left Rory Williams bitter and sad and Amy Pond read that the call would not have happened if they had "goal line technology" to determine the truth. The goal would have tied the game 2-2, but instead England lost 4-1. Many fans, including Rory, felt the decision sealed the fate of the match before it was over. About a year in his personal timeline later, Rory would be forced to make a decision on a similar call for a goal in the 1966 World Cup Final. Although he was unsure the ball had truly crossed the goal line, remembering the Lampard no-goal in 2010 inspired him to confirm to the referee he had seen it. (PROSE: Extra Time)

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