Francis Pearson was infamous as one of the worst playwrights in the history of England. His works were so exceptionally bad that all extant copies were burned in March 1610 by a mob enraged at his latest play. In September of that year, Pearson met Edward Kelley in Prague, then visited the home of Elizabeth Bathory. The following year, the three of them conducted black magic rituals that brought the Mimic to Earth. Horrified by the rituals, Pearson fled back to England, but was pursued by the Mimic. On 29 June 1613, Pearson, jealous at the success of William Shakespeare, set fire to the Globe Theatre, seemingly convinced that Shakespeare had stolen all his best lines when in reality Shakespeare had been kind enough to let Pearson ape his own work. He was later attacked and consumed by the Mimic and became known as Persona. (PROSE: Managra)

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