Francis Currie was a reporter for BBC News, covering many of the major events around the time of the advent and demise of ICIS.

Francis Currie was reporting on a battle at Tower Bridge between Silurians and the combined forces of UNIT and ICIS. UNIT staged a total news blackout and cover story over the battle, detaining Currie in the process. When Currie refused to sign the non-disclosure form, he was tortured until he was cooperative. However, he later revealed all of the details of his torture to Colonel Emily Chaudhry, who used the information to convict Sergeant French and Captain Andrea Winnington on charges of assault. (AUDIO: The Coup)

Currie continued to act as a news correspondent for the BBC, reporting on various disasters caused by temporal anomalies from an ICIS teleportation experiment. (AUDIO: Time Heals)

Soon after, Currie was made a better offer and started reporting news for Planet 3 -- he was their front-line reporter when ICIS staged its attempted coup of Britain. During that conflict, ICIS activated Currie as a subliminal sleeper agent with orders to kill Colonel Chaudhry. Luckily the attempt failed, and Currie was able to help UNIT expose ICIS's doings. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

During the worldwide outbreak of an alien virus, Currie and his cameraman videotaped a scene of UNIT soldiers gunning down plague victims. He quickly realised the episode was a setup by ICIS, but not before they had used the video to have UNIT declared outlaws. Currie joined UNIT in their flight to Russia, recorded the evidence to show UNIT was framed, and helped UNIT release the cure for the virus. For his efforts, he was awarded an OBE. (AUDIO: The Wasting)

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