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Francine Jones (née Oshodi) was the mother of Tish, Martha and Leo Jones.


Early life[]

Francine married Clive Jones. Their first child was Letitia, (PROSE: The Pirate Loop) who was followed by Martha in 1986 (PROSE: Wooden Heart) and Leo in 1987. (TV: Smith and Jones) She lived and worked in London, sometimes having important workmates around and told them of her children's ambitions. (PROSE: The Pirate Loop)

The Joneses were divorced by 2008 after Clive had an affair with Annalise. Whilst Francine accused Annalise of stealing her husband, Annalise claimed that she had been seduced by him and was "entirely innocent". Francine and Clive often argued. (TV: Smith and Jones) She became a grandmother circa 2006 when Leo had a daughter, Keisha. (PROSE: Martha Jones' MySpace blog)

Before Leo's twenty-first birthday party, Francine complained about Annalise's presence, worried about how the family would look in front of everybody. At the party, she argued with Annalise when she accused Martha of lying about the Royal Hope Hospital being taken to the Moon, starting a heated argument in which she called the younger woman orange. Martha left during it and joined the Tenth Doctor. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Association with Saxon[]

Francine later met the Doctor the following day at Richard Lazarus' party. She was suspicious of him, especially after she was approached by a mysterious man who told her that the Doctor was dangerous, citing information from Harold Saxon. After Lazarus' death, she slapped him and told him to keep away from her daughter, who she later called to tell her to keep her distance. (TV: The Lazarus Experiment)

Martha called Francine from the SS Pentallian and asked for help with the quiz question doors, with Francine believing that she was at a pub quiz. Martha called her again later to tell her that she loved her, unaware that Francine was sat with Miss Dexter who had bugged the phone and was trying to get information on the Doctor. During a third phone call, Francine asked her to come round for tea. She told Dexter that she had already voted. (TV: 42)

Francine and Clive both tried to get Martha to come home, pretending that they were thinking of getting back together. After Clive told Martha to run, he, Francine and Tish were taken away on Miss Dexter's orders and taken to the Valiant. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

The Year That Never Was[]

Aboard the Valiant, Francine witnessed the Toclafane invasion. She tearfully apologised to Martha for her mistake in associating with the Master before Martha vanished, leaving her family confused and alone. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

During the The Year That Never Was, Francine, Clive and Tish were held on the Valiant as slaves and hostages whilst the Master hunted Martha down, watching the Master's atrocities such as the burning of Japan. Francine and Tish were forced to dress as maids and were restrained by chains at night. (TV: Last of the Time Lords) At one point Francine attempted to escape out of an airlock but failed and was warned harm would come to Tish if she tried it again. Miss Beecham subsequently took cell samples from Francine and cloned her hundreds of times, sending the clones to reported sightings of Martha. Francine was later ordered by Toclafane to clean the cell where Beecham was executed for plotting against the Master, with her noting happily that Martha's continued freedom was making the Master angry. (AUDIO: Deceived)

A year into the Master's rule, the family attempted a rebellion on the Valiant with Jack Harkness and the Doctor but failed, after which Francine was tortured into apologising.

Once the Doctor was restored and the Master's plans thwarted, Francine picked up a gun and threatened to kill him, but dropped it after the Doctor appealed to her better nature. Time was undone and Francine, Clive, Tish and Martha were some of the few to remember what had happened since Arthur Coleman Winters's death. The Joneses were returned home, where Francine acknowledged the Doctor with a silent nod when Martha decided to leave him. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

War in the Medusa Cascade[]

Francine and her daughter using the Sub-Wave Network during the Dalek invasion. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

In 2009, the Doctor asked Martha how her family were doing. She told him that they were "not so bad" and recovering. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem)

Later that year, after Earth was moved by the Daleks to the Medusa Cascade, Martha returned to Francine using Project Indigo. Francine's laptop switched on thanks to the Sub-Wave Network being used by Harriet Jones, connecting them to the former Prime Minister and a number of the Doctor's friends. (TV: The Stolen Earth) Martha left her to use the Osterhagen Key, ignoring Francine's questions as to what it was.

When Earth was moved back into the solar system, Francine was overjoyed, going outside and enjoying the sunlight. (TV: Journey's End)

Later life[]

The Doctor later got Martha and Mickey a wedding gift which "reacted badly with champagne" and sent Francine "to the ceiling". (COMIC: Tesseract)

Martha introduced Francine to Donna Noble and her family. She soon became best friends with Sylvia, Donna's mother, with whom she beonded over their dislike for the Doctor. In 2020, when the Earth went into lockdown, Francine's home was under renovation. It was at this point that Sylvia offered Francine a place in her home to stay during the lockdown. Despite her numerous arguments with both Sylvia Noble and Wilfred Mott, they maintained a civil relationship, with Wilfred even buying a webcam and arranging an online Jones family reunion. (WC: A Message From Francine Jones)

Francine was met by River Song to talk about her history with the Tenth Doctor, alongside Jackie Tyler, Sylvia Noble and Wilfred Mott. (PROSE: Judge, Jury and Executioner)


Francine was an uptight, critical and demanding woman. She was curious about what happened to Martha twelve hours before the events of Lazarus' experiment (TV: The Lazarus Experiment) and was very suspicious of the Doctor and his relationship with her daughter. Before she was captured and tortured by the Master, she deeply disliked the Doctor, being antagonistic and cynical towards him, and wanted to know who he was and what he was doing with Martha. She trusted people who told her the Doctor was dangerous and went as far to agree for them to tap the phonelines whilst she was talking to Martha. (TV: 42, The Sound of Drums)

Francine was irritated and embarrassed by Clive's relationship with Annalise, which she thought made the family look ridiculous. (TV: Smith and Jones) She soon got back together with her ex after being tormented and tortured by the Master who she came to hate and despise for his evil. After the events of the Year That Never Was, her feelings towards the Doctor changed significantly and she no longer disliked him as she came to respect him, realising that she had judged him unfairly. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)