Francine was a fighter pilot during the Thousand Day War between Earth and Mars. She underwent cybernetic and chemical enhancement as a first generation ubersoldaten. After the war, she became a leading figure in organised crime as the "Godmother" of the VSoc.

History Edit

Francine entered a pre-flight training program when she was fifteen, having her eyes genetically enhanced and her body subjected to a chemical regime that suppressed the physical developments of puberty in conjunction with a military program designed to create pilots with optimum G-force tolerance. Thin wafers of silicon and crystal were inserted into their brains and a cybernetic procedure designed to heighten their spacial awareness and interface with the systems of their aircraft as an extension of their own bodies was initiated.

During the war, her wingman Harry went by the call-sign, "Flash". She was shot down over the Gangis Chasma via concealed anti-air sonic weaponry that military intelligence had been unaware of prior to the battle. She was rescued by Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart's father and taken from the combat zone. (PROSE: Transit)

Ice Maiden Edit

The crash left her scarred with one half of her face rendered immobile, while damage sustained by her neural implants blinded her. She embezzled her disability pension into the establishment of the Ice Maiden, a den of iniquity beneath the Ionian Sea which she used as a source of capital funding for her interest in data hacking and within three weeks she had captured an estimated 35 percent of the Sol system's secrets. She retired from direct acquisition and became an information broker, gaining influence and trading it for power.

Many of the soldiers similarly found themselves looking for somewhere to dig-in after they were cashiered out of the service, most of them gravitating towards Francine's lead. Over almost a decade, her empire expanded to include territory ranging from Earth to the moons of Jupiter, and was run from an anonymous office tower in Trieste with little if any direct input from Francine herself. One of her companies became the Data Protection Agency, a contracted arm of the state. While searching for a data pirate she discovered evidence of the Imogen corporation's attempt to create a second generation of ubersoldaten. (PROSE: Transit)

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